The “Westering” spirit Steinbeck was alluding to was a wonderful concept of exploration and discovery enacted by the original settlers moving west.  It was a yearning, a longing, for finding what was “out there” in the great unknown of the American frontier. It was an exciting time and the world was open to all sorts of new opportunities.


We’ve adopted that same spirit, intent and term to our own search, yearning and discovery for a new architectural aesthetic.  Our exploration involves constantly searching for what’s “out there” and what’s possible, but in our case applying it in an architectural sense.  Our logo, a young man invigorated by what he’s discovered up ahead, points to what he’s discovered, and is symbolic of what we see ahead.   He’s full of awe and wonder at finding something new and exciting. 


Our design process begins by blending our client’s needs, budget and most importantly, their dreams with their chosen site.  Then, to a major degree, we take the views and surrounding landscape into consideration and let them drive the design.  We strongly believe that a building should be of the earth, picking up the surrounding contours, colors and character. The building should sink into the hillside and expose only the portions necessary for view, ventilation and aesthetic considerations.  If we’ve done our job, you wouldn’t be able to imagine that building being anywhere else.  We call this approach to design “Earth Integrated Architecture”.  A basic tenant of our philosophy is that a home should never be ‘on’ a hill, but ‘of’ the hill.  


Since 1996 when Westering Design, Inc. was founded, our firm has strived to achieve excellence through inter-personal relationships, as we realize the dynamics between the client, architect and contractor is critical in the completion of a successful project.  Architecture is a collaborative art, and as such, all of the parties involved with a project are encouraged to share their ideas for it and incorporate them into the project.  We listen to all sides and formulate the ideal solution.  Communication is key to every project, and we strive to keep it clear and free-flowing. 


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