A glimpse of the home as you approach across South Willow Creek.   

A view from the east with the reflecting pond in the foreground, the home sinks down into the surrounding landscape via berms and well placed plantings. 

Another view from the east, with the rooflines mimicking the Tobacco Root Mountains in the distance. 
A western view of the home, showing the main living areas as well as the fireplace terrace.
A detail of the entry highlighting a handmade white-oak door provided by an artisan in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
A close-up of the exterior fireplace and living room terrace.  Broad overhangs shelter the home owners during any kind of weather.
Another view of the fireplace terrace.  The battered shape of the chimney becomes a strong vertical design element.

A view of the living room.  The interior achieves the client's original request that the home have a "southwestern" feel, without being "southwestern."

A look towards the master bedroom and office area.  Floor tile from Spain, plaster from England, and native Montana fir headers blend together to give the home a distinctive personality and character.
The kitchen area, looking back over the island.  Floor tile runs throughout the home and concrete countertops gave us the exact "feel" the clients desired.
Another view of the kitchen highlighting the cooking area.
The stair at the front of the entry, incorporating rotary cut fir treads and a continuation of the plaster walls at the riser.
A view a little further up the stairs.  Kayte Simpson is a wonderful potter, and she wanted to include niches and pedestals on each side  of the stair to display not only her work, but many other pieces from their collection.
We combined slate with copper panels in the shower areas of the home to give a very warm and intriguing appearance.

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